About Laekenois

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The Belgian Laekenois is one of the 4 varieties (flavors) of the Belgian shepherd (the others are the malinois, groenendale (a.k.a. sheepdogs), and tervuern).  the Belgian shepherd is a herding breed, dogs bred to protect flocks of livestock from predators and from getting lost.  They are a very pack loyal breed (meaning they will be very attached to their “pack” a.k.a. family).  They are extremely intelligent (4 of the most intelligent breeds that exist) and can have a very high level of energy and drive.  These are not the breed of dog for a novice dog owner nor one looking for a large cat or couch potato (I suggest you get a greyhound or a collie).

The Laekenois was first bred in the Royal castle town of Laeken (hence the name, Laekenois).  What sets them aside from the other four varieties is their “wired” or “wolly” coat.  Laekenois are also considered the oldest of the four varieties.

The Laekenois is recognized as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd in the UKC. The AKC does recognize the Laekenois as a breed, the breed is only in “foundation stock service” status meaning that the AKC can be used to keep breeding records in the breed, they are not eligible to receive an AKC registration or compete in any AKC event.

The eligible registries are: